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Menai Oyster

By Menai Oysters

There is a fond relationship with Menai Oysters, as our founders Ellis and Liam worked with Shaun for many years on Anglesey. The oysters and mussels became one of the renowned offerings of The Marram Grass, and the oysters have since become a prominent feature of the Lerpwl menu.



Available year round, with the exception of seeding and harsh weather conditions, the oysters have a distinct flavour, particularly so in the summer months when the algae laden waters make for a sweet and plump offering.


Despite the appearance of sitting idly upon the bank of the Menai Strait, or Arfon Menai as it is known locally, the oysters are continually filtering the tidal waters, absorbing carbon and excess nitrogen into their shells and tissue as they grow, locking vital nutrients into the sandbeds.


They themselves develop in size and flavour thanks to the tidal conditions of the Straits, the strong currents and exposure to the elements. The seasonally varying conditions which are unique to its location all add to the unique flavour of the Menai (Rock) Oyster.


Working arguably as hard as the ever active oyster, Shaun and the team have been nurturing and tending to the oyster beds, which were most recently established 1976, since 1997. They do everything by hand, practicing sustainable and low impact techniques to mimic the natural environment of the oyster and reduce their impact on the beds. 

Lugging the oyster sacks up the beach is a labour intensive task, which looks somehow at home and in balance with the rugged but beautiful scenic backdrop of Yr Wyddfa ac Eryri - or Snowdon and Snowdonia.


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