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Margot’s Bar is an intimate, sophisticated space with vaulted brick ceilings and a sommelier service. The copper bar takes centre stage to enjoy a pre or post dinner drink featuring an expertly crafted cocktail and drinks menu accompanied with a selection of bar snacks. We invite guests whom are not partaking in the dining experience to enjoy Margot’s Bar as a space to sit back and feel part of the unique history of the docks, whether that be inside or upon the waterfront.

The Restaurant

Private Dining

Bar Menu

Hors d'oeuvres

The Menai Strait, dissecting our little Isle of Anglesey from mainland Wales, became famous for it’s namesake oysters in the 90s. Huge investment went into technology to dredge the seabed effectively and to transport the shellfish whilst maintaining freshness.


Natural Menai Oysters

Freshly-shucked with accoutrements of your choosing:
lemon, tabasco, pickled shallot or naked.

Each £3
Three £9
Nine £24

Lerpwl Menai Oysters

Ask about Ellis’ recommended oyster garnish of the day.

Each £4
Three £11
Nine £30

Gordal Olives

Large, fleshy and incredibly moreish, these Spanish olives are affectionately named “the fat one” for a reason. Served with house-pickled onions and cornichons.

Portion £5

Treacle Bread, Daily Butters

Portion £4


Before dinner, we have carefully constructed mixed drinks to whet your appetite for an evening of culinary delights. Typically aperitif style, meaning they could be long and refreshing, or short and tart, but generally not overly-sweet or strong.


Poire Margot

pear + chilli + lemon + nyetimber sparkling wine
(spritz-style, effervescent, dry)


blanco tequila + grapefruit + elderflower + peach
(tall, tart, floral)

Gary Baldy

fresh orange + campari + dry vermouth
(short, sour, refreshing)

G & T

gin + tonic sorbet + coldness
(slushie-style, fresh, zingy)

Bailey’s Fella

vodka + peach + aperol + pineapple + lemonade
(tall, fruity, exotic)

Strawberry Tarragoni

gin + campari + home-farm vermouth
(negroni-style, bittersweet, strong)

Naughty Albert

A martini how you’d like it, served with a whole Menai oyster and atomised with a choice of: cointreau, ginger, absinthe or sea spray. £16




After dinner, we are all about indulgence. Treat yourself to a digestif: whether that’s a smooth sipping spirit, sweet dessert wine or one of our carefully crafted mixed drinks. Compared to our avant drinks, they are generally more rich, sweeter or stronger.


Marram Grass

grass vodka + yellow chartreuse + fino + apple
(swizzle-style, moreish, rich)

Piña Colada

white rum + cachaça + clarified pineapple + coconut foam (up, tropical, sweet n sour) £10

Mefus Daiquiri

strawberry + rum + red wine + lime
(up, bold, fruity)

Old Tobacco Dock

whiskey + demerara + house bitters
(old fashioned-style, powerful, balanced)

Fat Pig™ Manhattan

home-farm pork-whiskey, sweet vermouth, raisins (up, short, delicate, silky) £12

Pat Fig Flip

fig + brandy + amaretto + sugar + whole egg
(flip-style, luxurious, smooth)

Cerise et Cafe

cherry + coffee + espresso + chocolate
(martini-style, bittersweet, pick me up)
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